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Create BSC Wallet
How to get bsc wallet in Metamask and Trust wallet.
Follow the steps below to switch to binance smart chain in Metamask and trust wallet.
Trust wallet
Follow the steps one by one and ultimately you have a wallet in the bsc network. With this wallet, you can pay or withdraw your tokens when the distribution date comes.
Presale Start: 04/01/2021 Presale End: 04/26/2021 Token Distribution: 04/26/2021 Farming Start: 05/01/2021
Price 1 MOFI 0.005 BNB Buy: Minimum 0.5 BNB
Presale works on a first come, first served basis.
Type: BEP20 Contract Address: 0x984d3e9906ef5f3e44576140cd0cf649ba1befa8 1,000,000 Token Presale
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